Here you can read how much it takes to get one child to school
In the Philippines there are nice and good schools but to become one of the students they must pay a annual fee between ₱ 60.000,00 pesos ($ 795,00 dollars) and ₱ 1.500.000,00 pesos ($ 30.000,00 dollars)
And approx 60% of the locals here don’t have that kind of money
The cost figures you see are above are based on tuition fee cost guides here. Expect a 10% increase every year when allocating budget for your child’s tuition fees. That way, you and your savings account won’t be left in shock year after year.


You can sponsor a student so he or she can get a better live after school
We offer two packages
1. One year sponsoring of ₱ 60.000,00 pesos
2. Four year sponsoring of ₱ 600.000,00 pesos

Get in touch with us to be a sponsor
Of course we will let you get in touch with the student so you can see how he/she progress
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    SOURCES : ImoneySmart Parenting

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